Store Jumpstart Program is NOT just another course...It is a full hands-on program that takes you step by step to build your own profitable online business using long term strategies and proven fundamentals. 

The Proven Way To Build Your Online Business Based On Solid Fundamentals

Build A Business...Not A Store

If you are looking for a proven way to launch your online store with step by step guidance and support, then you're in the right place.


Since 2010 I've been involved in e-commerce, and I've seen first hand how things changed and evolved...however, the fundamentals and principles of running and growing a successful online business have remained the same.


Applying these fundamentals in my business has allowed me to grow multiple stores to 7 figures, and to help many others reach their goals of financial independence. 


Store Jumpstart Program is built around the concept of dropshipping, which has been around for many years...even before the internet. Modern e-commerce has helped dropshipping grow and gain popularity since it doesn't require any upfront investment in inventory. When implemented correctly, this can be an amazing long term and stable business model.


Store Jumpstart Program teaches you how to build your online store the correct way from day 1, using solid business and marketing fundamentals that are essential for success. No sleazy tactics. No "Ninja" hacks. No shortcuts. You will learn and apply proven and time tested strategies and principles that are the result of many years of building highly successful online businesses. 


This is not just another course teaching you how to build a store and sell products online...This is a full program that takes you step by step through a proven system to build your own branded store and business, even if you've never sold anything online before. 


When you enrol in the Store Jumpstart Program, you also get me to help you and coach you personally along the way, from selecting your niche, to verifying your products, to reviewing your store and setting up your ads. I care about your success, and I want to see you reach your goals.

A Proven System To Launch Your Store To Success

Based On Solid Fundamentals

A full and comprehensive 12 step program with action tasks that takes you from selecting your niche to finding customers who are ready to buy your products. 


Never built an online store before ? No worries, the Store Jumpstart Program will guide you step by step on how to build a high converting store that turns visitors into buyers.


Store Jumpstart Program will also show you how to setup your ads the correct way based on evergreen advertising fundamentals and how to scale your business to 5, 6, and 7 figures. 


You will also get personalized support and coaching via email and Skype to help you along the way and review your progress. Your success is very important and we make sure that you receive the support you need.


Store Jumpstart Program will teach you all the proven strategies I used to build my online stores and scale them to 7 figures.

  • Jumpstart Your Success

    A proven and time tested system for launching your online business to success from day 1. Fast track your success with the Store Jumpstart Program.

  • Personalized Coaching

    You will never be alone. Your success is our success, and we will guide you through all the steps. You will receive personalized coaching and mentoring to help you with niche selection, product verification, store review, and launching and scaling your ads.

  • Decisions Based On Data

    Stop the guess work in your business and start making decisions based on data. Store Jumpstart Program takes a deep dive into analytics and numbers so that you can make sound business decisions.

  • Business You're Proud Of

    Build a brand that will become your asset for many years to come. A business built on solid fundamentals and not just tactics.

The results that I got are extraordinary...I was finally able to put my business on the right track and scale it quickly using the in-depth information provided

T. Samara

The program to help you jumpstart your store

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A Quick Look Inside

Module 1

Picking Your Niche

  • Difference Between General And Niche Store
  • Types Of Niches
  • How To Conduct Market Research
  • How To Pick Your Niche
  • Creating Your Ideal Customer Avatar

Module 2

Jumpstart Your Product Research

  • Why Product Is More Important Than Traffic
  • How To Find High Potential Products
  • Characteristics Of A Great Product
  • Product Research Walkthrough

Module 3

Branding Your Store

  • How To Tell Your Brand Story
  • Elements Of A Successful Brand
  • Getting Your Domain And Emails
  • How To Position Your Brand
  • ​​Creating Your Fan Page

Module 4

Building Your Converting Store

  • How To Create Your Store
  • Setting Up Your Store For Success
  • Navigating Your Store
  • Adding Products To Your Store

Module 5

Your Store's Look And Feel

  • Matching Your Theme To Your Brand
  • How To Find A Theme That Meets Your Needs
  • Setting Up Your Store's Look

Module 6

Level Up Your Store

  • Extending Your Store's Functionality Through
  • Automating Your Store Through 3rd Party Apps 
  • Needed Apps To Manage Your Business

Module 7

Evergreen Traffic Fundamentals

  • Mastering How The System Works
  • Understanding The Concepts Behind The Strategies 
  • Demystifying The Facebook Pixel
  • How To Setup Your Business Manager

Module 8

Ads Setup Framework

  • How The Testing Process Works
  • How To Find Your Ideal Customers And What They Like
  • Creating Winning Ad Creatives
  • Launching Your First Campaign The Correct Way 

Module 9

Decisions Based On Data

  • How To Read Your Data Like A Pro
  • Troubleshooting Your Funnel 
  • Data Driven Analysis And Optimization
  • The Metrics You Need To Understand And Track For Your Ads.

Module 10

Scaling Your Campaigns

  • Understand When To Scale And Which Products Are Scalable
  • Phases Of Scaling
  • Getting Assurance When Scaling 
  • Scaling Strategies And Tactics

Module 11

Managing Your Business

  • Importance Of Tasks And Projects
  • Understanding And Applying The 4 Quadrants
  • Your Optimized Daily Routines
  • Building Successful Habits In Your Business

Module 12

Growing Your Business

  • Outsourcing For Success
  • Understanding Your Main Processes
  • When And How To Grow Your Team
  • Training For Massive Performance
  • Managing Your Team


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We are so confident that you will love our program that if you follow along and do not get results after completing the tasks, simply ask for a full refund within 30 days. You can even keep all the bonus files. This is an action based refund policy and action will need to be taken.

Asad Kanaan
7 Figure Online Business Mentor


I left a high paying job as an engineer to pursue my dream of running my own online business. Since 2010, I've been helping other entrepreneurs find success with their online stores.. 

Meet The Trainer

  •  Results focused mentor and coach

  • Multi 7 figures online store owner

  • Helped countless entrepreneurs launch and grow their online businesses

  • Focus on analytical and data driven decisions

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